Paid Acquisition

Learn how to build high performing Google Ads campaigns and landing pages.

Why this course?

This is not a Facebook ads course.

Search engine advertising is easier to set up, less pervasive (data collection), and allows your audience to self-identify with intent based queries.

In this course we'll explore intermediate level techniques inside Google Ads, display networks, as well as build landing pages and automations to scale lead generation.

What will I learn
  • How to not waste money on irrelevant ad keywords
  • Landing page best practices
Who this is for
  • Marketers, beginner and advanced
  • Developers with serious side projects
What’s included
  • 13 lectures
  • Quizzes and exercises
  • 1:1 graded submissions
What’s next
  • Launch a campaign
  • Apply ideas immediately
  • Acquire new leads

Course Curriculum

Most courses teach you interfaces. We teach how to think like a marketer.

Instructor: Ryan Kulp

I'm the founder of, a self-taught developer, and former marketer at YC and Techstars alumni startups. Email me: [email protected].

Between these roles I freelanced with 40+ venture-backed companies ranging from makeup and freight, to mobile video SDKs and wine ecommerce.

Prior to my career in technology I worked for Red Bull, Teach for America, Microsoft, and started 2 companies, which I later sold before graduating college.

Check out my entire life story here.

UX Instructor Julia DeBari

What students are saying

"I was just like you six months ago;  Feeling frustrated with my career, not wanting to change companies for fear that it'll be more of the same and then randomly found myself reading reviews of "tech bootcamps."

In the end, you have to take calculated risks to get to where you want to eventually be.  

I now have a great network and knowledge that I didn't have before.

My experience at GrowthX was amazing."

Jessica Dee

Laris Orman

Partnerships, Retention Rocket

"I've taken countless Udemy courses, read all the blogs, watched all the videos, and been in the industry as a marketer for over 2 years now.

Nothing matches the level of depth and quality that's offered in this course. Ryan does an excellent job of showing real-world examples, defining terms, and giving clear instructions for how something should be done. This is like a PhD in growth marketing and is well worth it for everyone. It covers everything: concepts, strategies, tactics, and even tools."

Tiffany C. Yu

Corey Haines

Head of Growth, Baremetrics

"The content itself is more than worth the price point, but Ryan's comments pushing us to think deeper are gold."

Neha Rameja

Gonzo Sarmiento

Founder, Seed Table

"I think you can find content online to purchase in many ways but doing it in such a structured way how GrowthX does provides a load of added values. I developed a lot."

Neha Rameja

Balint Vojnits

Director of Market Development

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am unhappy with the course?

We're on a mission to create world class marketers, not to take your money. If you are unsatisfied with the course, contact us in the first 30 days and we'll give you a full refund.

How long do I have course access?

Forever. After enrolling you have unlimited access to this course, including complimentary access to future lectures.

How much does it cost?

In 1 week I'll teach you how to affordably scale lead  generation with search engine advertising.

Mark Phan

"Love Ryan's clear, easy to follow instructions on how to get started."

James McDonough

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